Molecular Biology of Hemoglobin Switching. Vol 1 (Proceedings of the 9th conf. on hemoglobin switching - USA)

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This work offers a detailed coverage of the mechanisms of the molecular biology of haemoglobin switching.
Volume 1 of the Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Hemoglobin Switching held at Orcas Island, Washington, USA, 10-14 June 1994. The Ninth Conference on Hemoglobin Switching consisted of two parts, one focusing on the developmental control of globin genes, the second on stem cell biology and gene transfer. The first volume discusses the significant progress in the delineating of the control of globin genes. The volume is organized in eight parts and covers the following: the analysis of the control of adult and embryonic globin genes, new transcriptional factors and new approaches used in the delineation of trans developmental control of globin genes, preclinical and clinical studies using short chain fatty acids, butyrate, erythropoietin or hydroxyurea, the use of synkaryons and heteroka