Biotechnology & Genetic (Engineering Reviews Volume 18)

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A well-established hardcover review series with one new volume published each year. Each volume contains approximately 15 original, major review articles covering important developments in industrial, agricultural and medical applications of biotechnology (wide sense), with particular emphasis on the genetic manipulation of the organisms concerned.

Sommaire :
Techniques Pyrolysis in biotechnology. Kinetic analysis for analyte-receptor binding and dissociation in biosensor applications: a fractal analysis.
Molecular Biology & GeneticsApplications, and efficient large-scale production, of recombinant human epidermal growth factor. Use of the baculovirus expression system for the generation of virus-like particles. Expression of insulin in yeast : the importance of molecular adaptation for secretion and conversion.
Microbial biotechnology
Gene structures and catalytic mechanisms of microbial enzymes able to biodegrade the synthetic solid polymers nylon and polyester polyurethane. 5-Aminolevulinic acid : production by fermentation, and agricultural and biomedical applications. biotransformations of explosives. Tumour-selective salmonella-based cancer therapy.
Enzyme technology
Bioconjugation for enzyme technology. Regulation of muscle glycogen phosphorylase by physiological effectors.
Antibody biotechnology
Industrial purification of pharmaceutical antibodies : development, operation, and validation of chromatography processes. Biotechnological approaches to fight pathogens at mucosal sites.
Plant biotechnology
Genetic improvement of iron content and stress adaptation in plants using ferritin gene.
Polysaccharide biotechnology
Cyanobacterial exopolysaccharides : their nature and potential biotechnological applications.