Biotechnology & genetic engineering reviews, Vol. 20

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A well-established hardcover review series with one new volume published each year. Each volume contains approximately 15 original, major review articles covering important developments in industrial, agricultural and medical applications of biotechnology (wide sense), with particular emphasis on the genetic manipulation of the organisms concerned.
TECHNIQUES. Probing calcium ions with biosensors. A new use for transgenic plants – environmental biomonitors. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND GENETICS>. Gene transfer into the central and peripheral nervous system: applications for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and peripheral neuropathies. Gene trapping: a multi-purpose tool for functional genomics. Engineering DNA vaccines that include plant virus coat proteins.MICROBIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY. Internalization of human pathogens within growing salad vegetables.ANTIBODY BIOTECHNOLOGY. Therapeutic antibodies and antibody fusion proteins. Plant-based mucosal immunization. Cell-based delivery systems for antiangiogenic therapy. SACCHARIDE TECHNOLOGY. Glycosylation changes as markers for the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY. Biotechnologies of recycling agro-industrial wastes for the production of commercially important fungal polysaccharides and mushrooms. Engineering salt tolerance in plants. Puroindolines: their role in grain hardness and plant defence. Index.