Biotechnology and genetic engineering reviews (Vol.8)

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Biotechnology-based methods for the detection, enumeration and epidemiology of food poisoning and spoilage organisms/ Biotechnology of vaccine development/ Immunological approaches for manipulation of animal growth, body composition and fecundity/ Genetic manipulation of fruit ripening/ The effect of temperature on plant growth and development/ Structure, processing and catalytic action of penicillin acylase/ The function of chaperones during intracellular protein sorting, folding and assembly/ Delivery of recombinant peptide and protein drugs/ Liposomes in vivo: prospects for liposome-based pharmaceuticals in the 1990s/ Sieving by agarose gels and its use during pulsed field electrophoresis/ Hydrogen-sulphur autotrophy in the hyperthermophilic Archaebacterium, Pyrodictium brockii/ The design of airlift fermenters for use in biotechnology.
A well established hardcover review series with one new volume published each year. Each volume contains 10-15 original, major review articles covering important developments in industrial, agricultural and medical applications of biotechnology (wide sense), with particular emphasis on the genetic manipulation of the organisms concerned.