Biology of leaf beetles

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This book is intended to be a "guided tour" through the extensive literature on one of the largest families of insects, the family of leaf beetles, or the family Chrysomelidae. Primarily, it introduces the reader to the biology of leaf beetles, but phytophagy of these insects makes them also of agricultural importance. Among chrysomelids Diabrotica, Aulacophora, Galerucella, Leptinotarsa, Crioceris, Hispa, Dactylispa, and many others, are crop pests. Besides, many chrysomelids are potential pests. In view of this, an account of chrysomelid food has been included. Interesting deviations from phytophagy have been described. Also covered is an account of the various defence mechanisms, against parasites and predators, exhibited by leaf beetles.
Introduction. Classification. Palaeontology : food plants and evolution. Food and feeding. Developmental stages. Ecology. Biogeography. Island faunas. Defence strategies. Anatomy. Reproduction. Association with other organisms. Phylogeny of subfamilies.