Biology of Hematopoiesis and Stem Cell Gene Transfer. Vol 2 (Proceedings of the 9th conf. on hemoglobin switching)

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Volume 2 of the Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Hemoglobin Switching. This second volume of the Ninth Conference on Hemoglobin Switching contains the papers on stem cell biology and gene transfer. Some important developments summarized in this volume are: the delineation of the role of GATA-1 on the control of the genes of the erythroid lineage, the emergence of the GATA family as important contributors to early developmental events in several organs and lineages, the role of GATA-2 in determining hematopoiesis. Also addressed are the approaches used for experimental dissection of blood embryogenesis and the insights obtained from the use of Zebrafish and Xenopus as model organisms, stem cell and progenitor cell procurement, in vivo and ex vivo stem cell selection, new technologies wh