Annales de chimie Science des matériaux Vol. 33 2008 Suppl. 1 : 15th FrenchPolish Seminar on Reactivity of Solids June 30 - July 2, 2008 Dijon, France

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ISBN : 9782743011192 EAN : 9782743011192
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  • Oxidation of a Ti46Al8Nb alloy modified with some Ni-base coatings - pp.9-16
  • High temperature oxidation behaviour of RE-doped or not Fe3Al intermetallics in different gaseous environments - pp.17-23
  • The use of CL-imaging analysis for identification of Y-Al-O phases in MCrAlY coatings - pp.25-32
  • Influence of the La2O3 coating thermal annealing in argon on the alumina scale adherence at 1100C - pp.33-40
  • Sulphide corrosion of refractory metals - pp.41-48
  • The effect of reactive element oxide coatings on the high temperature oxidation of FeCrAl alloys - pp.49-57
  • Oxide growth during short term oxidation of stainless steels at high temperatures - pp.59-66
  • Evaluation of Haynes230 for solid oxide fuel cell interconnect application - pp.67-74
  • Oxidation properties of coated Fe-25Cr steel with regard to the chromium vaporization effects under SOFC cathode operation conditions - pp.75-82
  • High temperature oxidation of 9 and 12 Cr steel: effect of water vapour - pp.83-90
  • Insertion of oxygen in titanium substrate during a Nd:YAG pulsed laser treatment in argon-oxygen mixtures - pp.91-98
  • In-situ acoustic emission following of the degradation of prestressing strands under corrosion condition - pp.99-106
  • Influence of applied strain on the microstructural corrosion of AlCu4Mg1 as-cast aluminium alloy - pp.107-114
  • Local electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of pure aluminium sample under straining conditions - pp.115-122
  • The use of microcapillary techniques to study pitting corrosion of metallic alloys - pp.123-130
  • Defect structure and transport properties of molybdenum sulphide - pp.133-140
  • Electrical conductivity of molybdenum disulfide at high temperatures - pp.141-148
  • Structural and optical properties of Ti-N-O thin films prepared by dc-pulsed magnetron sputtering - pp.149-156
  • Properties of BaCeO3 protonic conductors modified by Ti and Y - pp.157-164
  • Theoretical study of coupling mechanisms between oxygen diffusion, chemical reaction, mechanical stresses in a solid-gas reactive system - pp.165-172
  • Nitruration ionique de revêtements PVD - pp.173-180
  • Preparation, characterization and applications of TiO2-SnO2 systems - pp.181-188
  • Structural, mechanical and tribological properties of AlxCr1-xN coatings - pp.189-197
  • Kinetics of the interaction between thiophene and Ni-Co bimetallic nanoparticles supported on silica - pp.199-205
  • Flame-made tungsten-doped TiO2 nanopowders used as photoelectrodes and photocatalysts - pp.207-214
  • Measurement and simulation of the dissolution rate of cement phases in conditions close to a cement paste - pp.217-225
  • The structural studies of mullite-like coatings deposited on carbon, ceramic and steel substrates - pp.227-234
  • Influence of superplasticizers on hydration of Ca3Al2O6 in the presence of gypsum - pp.235-242
  • Investigations on hydration of tricalcium aluminate in the presence of EVA redispersible polymer powders - pp.243-250
  • Study of alite containing aluminium hydration - pp.251-258
  • Wollastonite granules obtained from calcium silicate hydrates - pp.259-266
  • Thermodynamic investigations of calcium silicate hydrate/aluminium equilibria - pp.267-274
  • Hydration process in the calcium aluminate based composites - pp.275-282
  • The effects of silanes on the hydration of cement - pp.283-290
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