Water Treatment Handbook (2 Volumes set, 7th Ed.)

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Ouvrage 1928 p. · 17x24 cm · Relié
ISBN : 9782743009700 EAN : 9782743009700
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This book is the international reference work in the field of water treatment. This new version, completely revised and updated, incorporates major technological advances of these last fifteen years : membrane separation, development of fixed and mixed cultures, sludge drying and incineration, and reduced sludge production. Without forgetting automation-related issues, such as control-regulation and maintenance assistance. A total of five chapters are dedicated to treatment channels. The aim was to offer engineers an everyday aid by summarising the basics in water treatment.
The Water Treatment Handbook assembles the sum of Degrémont know-how to date and takes into account changes in new problem areas in water treatment such as conservation of fresh water resources, health safety and waste management.
Volume 1. Water - a fundamental element. What water should we treat? And why? Fundamental physical-chemical engineering processes applicable to water treatment. Fundamental biological engineering processes applicable to water treatment. Water analysis and treatability. Aquatic organisms. Corrosion in metal and concrete. Formulary. Volume 2. Pre-treatments. Flocculators - Settling tanks - Flotation units. Biological processes. Methane fermentation. Filters. Using ion exchangers. Separation by membranes. Degasification, odour control, evaporation. Oxidation - disinfection. Liquid sludge treatment. Dewatered sludge treatment. Reagent storage and feeding, Instrumentation, control-regulation. Drinking water treatment. Treating municipal wastewater. Treatment and conditioning of industrial water. Industrial processes and effluent treatment.
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