Fractional order systems : Applications in modelling, identication and control (Journal européen des systèmes automatisés RS série JESA Vol. 42 N° 6-7-8/2008)

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Couverture de l'ouvrage Fractional order systems : Applications in modelling, identication and control (Journal européen des systèmes automatisés RS série JESA Vol. 42 N° 6-7-8/2008)

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Numéro de revue 430 p. · 16x24 cm · Broché
ISBN : 9782746222625 EAN : 9782746222625
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  • Approximate analytical solution of the space-and time-fractional Burgers equations
    Z. Odibat, S. Momani, A. Alawneh - pp.627-638
  • Fractional Green's function for fractional partial differential equations
    Z. Odibat, S. Momani - pp.639-651
  • G-Meijer functions series as solutions for certain fractional variational problem on a finite time interval
    M. Klimek - pp.653-664
  • Multi-term fractional differential equations, multi-order fractional differential systems and their numerical solution
    K. Diethelm - pp.665-676
  • DAE-based solution of nonlinear multiterm fractional integrodifferential equations
    S. Singh, A. Chatterjee - pp.677-688
  • Non integer order system approximation by an integer reduced model
    R. Mansouri, M. Bettayeb, S. Djennoune - pp.689-700
  • Hankel operators for fractional-order systems
    J. Adams, T. Hartley - pp.701-713
  • Malliavin calculus of Bismut type for Poisson processes without probability
    R. Léandre - pp.715-732
  • Apparent measure and relative dimension
    F. Ben Adda - pp.733-746
  • The fracstrum. A fractional generalization of the spectrum
    C. Lorenzo, T. Hartley - pp.747-767
  • Reachability and controllability to zero tests for standard and positive fractional discrete-time systems
    T. Kaczorek - pp.769-787
  • A note on a relationship between a fractional-order continuous-time system pole configuration and its dynamics
    P. Ostalczyk - pp.789-806
  • From fractional systems to localised parameter systems. Synthesis and analysis
    X. Moreau, P. Serrier, A. Oustaloup - pp.807-824
  • State-space analysis of linear fractional-order systems
    S. Guermah, S. Djennoune, M. Bettayeb - pp.825-838
  • A testing bench for fractional order systems education
    J. Sabatier, P. Melchior, A. Oustaloup - pp.839-861
  • Fractional derivative in materials and structures vibratory behaviour. Identification methods
    Y. Chevalier, T. Beda, Équipe vibroacoustique du Lismma - pp.863-877
  • Nonlinear free damped vibrations of suspension bridges with uncertain fractional damping
    Y. Rossikhin, M. Shitikova - pp.879-894
  • Fractional calculus and non-reflecting boundary conditions in wave propagation
    X. Antoine - pp.895-910
  • Stability study of electrical power systems modelled with half-order systems
    D. Riu, N. Retière, O. Enacheanu - pp.911-922
  • Fractional equivalent impedance of electrochemical double layer capacitors combinations
    R. Martin, J. Quintana, A. Ramos, I. Nuez - pp.923-938
  • Heat transfer modeling and identification using fractional order state space models
    T. Djamah, R. Mansouri, S. Djennoune, M. Bettayeb - pp.939-951
  • Thermal sensor calibration using non-integer system identification
    S. Löhle, J. Battaglia, J. Batsale - pp.953-964
  • Variable structure control for uncertain fractional linear systems with state delay
    A. Si-Ammour, S. Djennoune, M. Bettayeb - pp.965-976
  • A fractional model reference adaptive system. A method of adjusting the parameters controller
    J. Suárez, B. Vinagre - pp.977-998
  • Fractional order robust control based on Bode's ideal transfer function
    A. Djouambi, A. Charef, A. Voda-Besancon - pp.999-1014
  • Fractional active robust control. Control of lightly-damped plants using the isodamping contours and the CRONE approach
    V. Pommier-Budinger, Y. Janat, D. Nelson-Gruel, P. Lanusse, A. Oustaloup - pp.1015-1035
  • Pseudo phase plane, delay and fractional dynamics
    M. Martins Lima, J. Tenreiro Machado, M. Marques Crisóstomo - pp.1037-1051
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