Pest management in the subtropics: integrated pest management: a Florida perspective

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Abbreviated contents: Foundations of IPM, Regulatory control, Host-plant resistance and cultural control, Semiochemicals, Other alternatives to chemical control, Selected IPM projects, Facilities and resources in Florida education, extension, international projects, Conclusions and recommendations.
This is the second of two volumes entitled Pest Management in the Subtropics - a Florida Perspective. Biological control was addressed in the first volume integrated pest management (IPM) in this volume.It is becoming increasingly evident that IPM, with biological control as its mainstay, is by far the best alternative to the wholesale use of toxic chemical pesticides. These books attempt to cover the entire spectrum of pest management, from 'classical' biological control of arthropod pests and weeds to utilization of semiochemicals and manipulation of nutritional ecology, as represented by numerous Florida projects. This second volume addresses nearly all aspects of IPM, from host-plant resistance, use of semiochemicals and acoustic methods, through detailed accounts of specific programme