Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture (2nd Ed.)

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In this book author has combined his extensive research experience using plant tissue culture with his extensive knowledge of the needs of students for a subject that increasingly pervades most aspects of the plant sciences. Moreover, the book avoids the fragmentation often present in multi-authored compilations. Students need to have at hand a clearly written, well-documented text that puts into perspective the plant tissue culture requirements for particular applications, yet which also enables students to undertake experiments themselves with the minimum of additional guidance. Students will benefit greatly from this clearly presented and illustrated text, and from the analysis of the historical development of a subject with its beginnings in the 18th Century, in studies of callus formation associated with wound healing in trees, to its use in cell and molecular biological studies of plant genetic manipulations. This volume is particularly well referenced, enabling the reader to follow up in greater detail points of interest, either theoretical or practical. Plant tissue culture, mainly because of the great number of interacting factors involved, tends to be largely empirical. In future years, the applications of plant tissue culture in clonal propagation, plant breeding and plant genetic manipulation will increasingly depend on a better understanding of these interacting factors.
Introduction and techniques. Basic aspects. Applications to plant breeding. Application to horticulture and forestry. General applications.