Biotechnology & genetic engineering reviews Volume 2

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The impact of new technologies on vaccine development/ Plant-cell culture: natural products and industrial application/ Recombinant DNA technology and genetic control of pest insects/ Recent research on the development of microbial strains for amino-acid production/ Genetic engineering in Bacillus subtilis/ Strategies for improvement of wheat-grain quality using molecular genetics/ Production of pentoses by micro-organisms/ Interferon synthesis by micro-organisms/ High-rate anaerobic waste-water treatment using the UASB reactor under a wide range of temperature conditions/ Single-cell protein/ Possible developments in microbial and other sensors for fermentation control/ Biochemical genetics of the bacterial insect-control agent Bacillus thuringiensis: basic principles and prospects for genetic engineering/ Inhibition of alcoholic fermentation/ Recombinant vaccinia viruses as new live vaccines/ Developments in immobilized-enzyme technology.
A well established hardcover review series with one new volume published each year. Each volume contains 10-15 original, major review articles covering important developments in industrial, agricultural and medical applications of biotechnology (wide sense), with particular emphasis on the genetic manipulation of the organisms concerned.