Agricultural Zoology Reviews Volume 7

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Microsporidian pathogens of mosquitoes and their potential as control agents/ Control of the house fly Musca domestica, in poultry units: Current techniques and future prospects/ Natural products for managing Tribolium spp. (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)/ Behavioural manipulation of natural enemies: Potential use in insect pest management/ Pest damage to established grass in the UK/ The agricultural importance of termites in the tropics/ Chemical cues to hostplant selection by insect pests of oilseed rape/ The possible origins of genetic variability within the plant parasitic nematodes Meloidogyne and Globodera spp./ Evolution of arthropod pest management in apples/ The biology and control of the African white rice borer, Maliarpha separatella Ragonot (1888) (Lep. Pyralidae, Phycitinae)/ Index
Interest in biological methods of control of pests has increased in recent years, largely as a result of concerns over pesticide residues and their influence on food quality and the environment. Effects on non-target organisms are of particular importance, and the use of biological control agents is seen as a possible way round these problems. Three articles in this volume deal with biocontrol possibilities for pests as diverse as those attacking vegetable and arable crops to mosquitoes. A fourth article describes how natural plant products can be used to control insect pests of stored products, whilst a fifth review covers the ways in which insect pests of oilseed rape respond to chemical cues in the location of host crops. Current control and management systems are covered in reviews of